Turbo Lag

Posted: August 12, 2010 in a.Preparation

We all knew it would happen, even with all the planning, all the precautions, all the money thrown at it and still the Land Rover breaks down with 3 days to go. Well perhaps that’s not fair, it was running but the turbo, yes it has a turbo, was blowing more oil than air around the engine. I’m not very mechanical but even I realise that might be an issue. Currently it’s back at Douglass Motors awaiting a new turbo. It’s all very upsetting but we are trying to be upbeat and look on the bright side: at least we can enjoy the British summer for a few extra days,oh wait…….

Other than the turbo things are on track;

The Indian Visas have been issued

We have travel insurance!

We have car insurance from a company in Holland that will cover our whole trip and only costs £500 instead of the 3 grand we were quoted in the UK. This even covers the European Green card, bargain!

The the Carnet has been issued.

We have both been injected with Tetanus and Yellow Fever.

So it’s all slowly slowly coming together, which is lucky seeing as we have very little time left. The big day is now set for Thursday the 19th August, any one wishing to come down to Dover with fireworks, banners and sandwiches will be very welcome and we will see you there at 5am for the ferry!

  1. Richard says:

    A Land Rover can be a beast of uncertain charms and can test you at the most inappropriate of times. However, they do respond well to threats and ‘language’ as I discovered today when I broke a fuel line with 48 hours to go for the big run! Spares to be delivered tomorrow to get us back on track so we, as fellow Land Rover owners, fully understand the frustrations of ownership.

    We have found that beer, or wine, do help in these testing times!

    Do keep us watchers updated…..


  2. Paul says:

    Are you guys off yet .. we’re waiting with baited breath!!! 🙂

    Good luck

  3. Nadeem says:

    I love your blog and notice you’ve had an epic journey. I am planning on driving from the uk to Australia and so need to do preparation( didn’t anticipate all the planning that is required) I notice you mentioned you were covered by a company in holland for you car insurance at a reasonable price. May I please get the name and details of the company please ?


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