Its still all a bit Greek 13-19/09/10

Posted: September 23, 2010 in 4.Greece

They came in the dead of night when our guard had slipped for just a second. It was a classic pincer movement that any panzer division would have been proud of. Four in total, two closing in from each end of the Land Rover, using darkness for cover; we stood no chance and were overrun in a matter of seconds. Megan saw them first but didn’t get a chance to warn me and they were within the camp boundaries before we could react and stage a defensive counter strike. Kittens, kittens came and won our hearts and minds before we knew what was going on. Megan actually fell in love a little bit and spent a lot of time with the kittens, in fact she spent pretty much all her waking time with them and it was truly very hard to drag her to the beach! I know, can you believe it, we drive 100’s of miles so she can play with cats?!? They were damn cute though, and even I, the world’s greatest cat hater, found myself stroking, playing and picking up the bloody things. We even spent money out of our very small daily budget on cat food, cat food! Unbelievable.

Other than the furry balls of fun there aren’t a lot of things to write about during our week long stay at camping Sika: got up, went to the beach, came back, cooked some dinner, read, and went to bed. A brilliant, brilliant week.

All good things come to an end though and it was after much effort that we managed to pull ourselves away from the world’s best campsite and started towards the Turkish border. It would take a couple of days to get there so after all day driving we started to look for a campsite and finally stumbled across Camping Paradiso. I’m glad to report that the Greeks have a sense of irony.  Paradise it was not.

No lights in the toilets, use your own imagination at the state of the men’s toilet floor.

No lights in the showers- showering in the dark was a new and disturbing experience.

No hot water, why would there be?!

No lights on the campsite at all now I come to think about it.

A washing machine that held our clothes hostage for 3 hours.

Toilets that were truly, truly awful. The smell!! My god, still so many nightmares.

Anyway, nasty campsite apart we had a really enjoyable time in Greece and as I have said a number of times it was a real struggle to move on from Europe, but Asia and Turkey beckoned so with a little apprehension we headed off towards our first real border crossing. Now where are those passports…..?

  1. Tim Parrott says:

    My wife would have insisted on taking the kittens with us…Its not just greek campsites that are like this i found one in Wales that was similar,no lights after 9,only one toilet for whole site after 11 at night(50 pitches)and a camp shop that only sold matches???.good luck in Turkey

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