Plans, they keep on changing.

Posted: October 23, 2010 in 6.Iran

During the last four days our plans have changed at least nine different times. As I have already mentioned we cannot get a visa for Pakistan so we are going to have to ship the car to India. We met a nice Austrian fellow called Tom who is doing the same thing and as of yesterday afternoon we were going to ship the car from Bandar Abbas to Mumbai with him and share the cost of a container. However, the car has developed a serious electrical fault that we are concerned we will not be able to get fixed in India, as there are hardly any Land Rover dealers in the country, so we are sticking with the original plan and getting the ferry to Dubai to get the car fixed and then hope to explore the UAE and Oman (I might even get a bit of off road driving in) for a month. We will then head off to India to meet up with my brother and father to explore the northern hill stations.

The car is really starting to try our nerves and we are both on the edge of our seats every time we drive, waiting for the next problem. Currently;

Still no handbrake

Still no temperature gauge

The exhaust is not sounding happy

The extra battery has given up the ghost, so no fridge

The radio has stopped working, which means we have to talk to each other!

The turbo has started leaking oil

Power steering pump is leaking

So not that much then! I know they are all little problems but it’s draining having to stop all the time to check temperatures and oil levels and it takes the shine off the day, ah Land Rover ownership……

On the plus side, I’m becoming quite the mechanic and have even bought a multi-meter and worked out how to use it. Although, that was only after I got a reading of 234 volts from the battery on my first attempt.

  1. John Sheffield says:

    Have been reading of your trek to Oz since an article was published in one of the landy mags. Have been hoping that your landy held together for the journey, alas not to be. Keep going though, remember Confusious he say “even the longest journey starts with the first step” or something like that. All the very best to you both. John

  2. Paul says:

    Chin up you two ..

    I used to have an Iveco Daily 40-10WM (looking enviously at Tom’s!), and in the 4 years we had it have definitely preferred LR ownership!!, even when we’ve had catastrophic gearbox failure!!

    It’s called character building stuff!!

    PS we’ve got sidestep envy! .. where did you get it from?

  3. Tom B says:

    Look on the bright side, it’s still running!! Oh and there will always be someone else worse off than you.
    Hope the repairs go well and you’re back to happy motoring soon, Dubai sounds great and I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do – even skiing!!

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