Fire down below!

Posted: November 2, 2010 in 7.UAE

So the Land Rover caught fire today. What more is there so say? It’s all very upsetting and I had a little cry. Luckily we are staying with some lovely people, (thank you so much Ann and Mike), so we have somewhere to sleep whilst the car is looked at by the nice guys at the A2B garage in Dubai.

We will wait and see what the outcome is but the wiring under the car is a molten mass of plastic, it looks bad. As soon as we find out I will fill you in on the last eventful week.

The whys and hows are yet unknown but needless to stay this could be a deal breaker. Anyone want to buy a Defender 130? You’ll have to come and collect it though…

  1. Herb Ulyate says:

    Simon and Megan,
    She is a LandRover – Not a Car. She has a name – Harriet and until you start treating her with love and respect, she will continue to give you grief.
    You will probably laugh at this and take no notice, but think carefully about what I have said.
    You have asked Harriet to carry you safely half way round the world. She has a spirit and will respond if she knows you really want her to. But if you carry on calling her a car and showing no interest in her wellbeing, you won’t see India with her.
    Dont feel embarrased about talking and writing about her by her name for it is only when you do that she will start to respond.
    Remember, I have been on many long safaris in Africa and I think I know what I’m talking about.
    “Hamba gahle Harriet, ne mandla gakulu wena”.

  2. geehurkmans says:

    Hi Megan and Simon,
    You really are having more than your share of bad luck!
    I hope things will soon brighten up, and that you can continue your adventure!
    I’m torturing myself reading your blog, with a Defender 110 CSW being prepared for overlanding trips in Africa! So please, hit the road as soon as possible and rover to Oz with à big smile! 🙂


  3. Paul and Cathy says:

    Oh you are kidding me ! .. NO WAY !!! a little cry .. I bet you did!.. We’ve tears in my eyes just thinking about it! What a shame :-s

    What a shame!, hopefully fingers crossed that it will just be a minor rewire. Keep the updates coming .. we’ve got our fingers crossed for you .. anything we can do from the UK let us know.

    Paul and Cathy.

  4. John Sheffield says:

    Hello M&S, GUTTED! Stiff upper lip you two. Fingers, toes. eyes and everything else crossed to help you make it.

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