Update 3.0

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Laos

So we have updated a couple of things;

  • There is now information on the ‘useful information’ page!
  • Megan has done the Malaysia expenses and the total over view.
  • We have also updated the itinerary on the ‘where are we now’ page
  • The Spot is not really working very well but I update our location on Google maps every day, just click on the Sat Nav.
  • There are a few more pictures on ‘readers’ drive’ page

As you can tell we have a good internet connection at the moment and I’ve drunk far to much coffee, hence our productivity.

Finally we are shipping the car from Bangkok to Oz but it’s going to takes about 3 weeks to get it back the other end. Perth without a car or tent is going to be uber expensive sooooo….. anyone know of a cheap cheap place to stay in the Perth area?!?

  1. Anthony says:

    Hi Simon & Megan,
    Just caught up on Thailand etc and apart from India (not going there!) everything still sounds awesome and if anything, your writing is getting even better – I know….who saw that coming!!
    hope you are both well and happy. All at Ringwood send their love.
    Anthony xx

  2. Scott Stacey says:

    When you guys come to Australia, to save money, have you friends to stay with? I have two spare rooms and a garage here in Victoria, if your nearby.
    Good read and good luck

  3. Justin says:

    Did you need a carnet for laos? was cambodia on your radar at all???

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