Money Money Money

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

We, and by that I mean Megan, have updated all the expenses so you can now all go and look on the expenses page and see how poor we are. Food parcels will now be gratefully accepted. No tuna though, man do I hate tuna…

  1. David & Becky says:

    Hey S & M,

    That has to be the shortest blog I have ever seem. Post a few photos so we can see where you’re up to!

    Gather it’s been cold across there in Melbourne. You know, you should have stayed a few more days at the farm 🙂 We’d have fed you for another few days for sure. Becky says you can always come back and cook us some wood-oven pizzas again. They were great.

    Hope the weather warms up the further North you head.

    David & Becky – Adelaide Hills

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