Bang up to date!

Posted: June 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s this? A Monday morning blog? The third blog in seven days you say? What’s going on Maple? Well it can only be on thing; yep that’s right, it’s update time!

Updates included in version 7.0 of include:

1. Updated expenses for Australia so far (almost down to the £65 a day mark!)

2. Updated itinerary in the ‘where are we now?’ page.

3. Google map is bang up to date

4. A kick ass new photo on the home page (it took me three days to work out how to take a still from a video so you better damn appreciate it!)

5. More trucks on readers’ drives, (sorry Mr Bryson, I just can’t do it, a stock BMW X5… I mean it’s nice and all but give it a 5” lift, some spotlights, stickers, man do I love stickers, and a massive whip aerial and you’ll be in and published on this website. Or buy a Land Rover, I know a nice grey one for sale! One careful owner and only 265,000 miles)

6. Under the ‘car’ page I have added photos of the interior.

7. More photos on Flicker- just click on the photos on the left hand side of the home page.

For an extra £7.99, version 7.0 will also come with a signed Megan cookbook, ‘50 ways to make road kill edible’. Hurry, stocks are limited!

  1. robin welch says:

    Brilliant Picture…………………………….just look at all the rust to follow!!

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