Updates 7.8

Posted: June 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

Just a couple of updates this time. I’ve finally finished some facts about Thailand and Laos in the Useful Information Page. Honestly though, if you are not driving you car through Laos or Thailand then it’s not all that useful, more interesting. Who knows, at the next pub quiz you may be asked ‘do you need a Carnet for Thailand?’ and if you read the useful information page you’ll know the answer. Then you will probably be carried out of the pub on the shoulders of  your team mates because you won and will enjoy free beer for life. So in fact, can you afford not to look?!? Plus there are a few more photo’s in the Readers Drives section.

As a side note I would like to share a little fact with you all: When I log on to the blog it tells me how many hits I’ve had, which pictures have been looked at, and what’s been typed into Google in order to direct people to my web site. Now normally it’s things like, ‘Driving to Australia’, ‘Land Rover camper’, ‘Who’s the sexy guy in the wetsuit?’, that sort of thing. However yesterday, and I’m not lying, someone actually typed in the words, ‘Sandra Bullock TimTams’ and ended up at my blog. Who does searches on the interweb for movie stars and Australian confectionary combined together? Its a sick, sick world we live in people…

  1. nicholas says:

    ever thought sandra might be the one with the issues?

    • peterbst1 says:

      Well you did put Sandra Bullock and TimTams in the same sentance, so your goggle searcher wasn’t the first to connect the two!

  2. Paul says:

    very disappointed, logged in here to see pictures of Sandra Bullock eating tim tams and can’t find any???

  3. Gill and Andy Martin says:


    Just been checking out your Thai reports in view of the fact that we leave Australia next week and fly to Bangkok – Ash cloud permitting of course! We met briefly in the car park at Byron Bay where we chatted about your shipping and our rented motorhome! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your adventures by way of your amazing blog and, more importantly, for bringing Tim Tams into our lives!

    Enjoy your onward travels

    Gill and Andy Martin

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