It’s Back!!

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

Finally after four months, a detour to Baltimore and an extra bill for two and a half grand the Landy’s back!

And do you know what? ………started first time! Get in!

I will have a little update in the next few weeks, but I thought I would let you all know as no doubt there was growing concern as to the fate of Harriet the Land Rover. We will finally finish off the expenses now that we have all the final bills in and write about up coming trips, oh yes, that’s right, there is more than one planned.Image

  1. Ryan says:

    Glad to hear she made it home!

    • Susan says:

      hellow megan and simon. Thanks for keeping me posted. You are a brave and adventerous baby god child Megan. Love your godmother Susan Hesk

  2. Alex Z. says:

    I’m so glad you get Harriet back home ! Many thanks for having shared your wonderful adventure on your website. What a road trip !!!!

    Never stop exploring and stay safe,


  3. Paul and Cathy says:

    Welcome back Harriet! And guys .. Please do keep us posted on your next expedition! (if only to makeus super jealous!)

  4. You go guys!!
    Glad that the landy is back. Where is she taking you next?

  5. Well done guys. A great adventure. Pity we never caught up in Oz. Glad you liked Cape York … one of our favourite destinations (we write a guidebook on the region, so know it pretty well). Pity you never got to the Kimberley.

    We’ve overlanded a bit …. see and follow the links … but would love to do the route you did, or something similar.

    Hope you are planning your next journey …


    Ron & Viv

  6. Nino & Kerry Ferrari says:

    Hey guys really enjoyed your blogs. Gave us lots of chuckles and inspired us to start thinking about our own overland trip, in our Defender. Wish we’d found your site earlier as would have loved to catch you on your way through Brisbane and hubby could have given the car a free service!

    • ryangus says:

      We were lucky enough to catch up with Simon and Megan in Brissie – twice! They’ve also inspired us to consider doing an overland trip. Perhaps we should catch up and chat about the possibilities!

      When’s the next adventure Simon and Megan?

      • simon maple says:

        Hi Ranga

        Good to hear from you, glad you are well, hows the trip planning going? The 130 is up for sale and I am tying to find a decent rust free discovery 300tdi, no easy task in this damp island of ours!! Also looking for a off road caravan, again difficult in europe!

      • ryangus says:

        As a matter of fact, we’ve just returned from a 6 month trip down the east coast including 6 weeks camping in Tasmania. You know it’s a big country when you can drive for 6 months on only scratch the surface 😉

        Coincidentally, we towed an off-road caravan on the journey. Very comfortable, but gee it felt good on the occasions when we could leave it behind. From my research, it might pay to look at caravans from the US. A few Aussies have gone down that path, so surely shipping to the UK would be more affordable, unless they’re coming from California?

        We slackended off on the updates towards the end of the trip, but you might see some photos of the van and camping canopy on our blog

      • simon maple says:

        Hi Ranga

        Just finished the reading the blog very interesting made us both wish we were back there in the sun!Been looking a caravans (or travel trailers as they are known in the states) and think they are the way to go. You are right and shipping would be a lot cheaper! How was the spade!!!

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