Below are our expenses spreadsheets for anybody interested in the costs of doing something awesome like this!

If you click on the link it should download onto your computer…hopefully.


Europe costs

Turkey costs

Iran costs

Dubai costs

 Malaysia costs

Thailand costs

Lao costs

Singapore costs


Shipping & Flights

In this spreadsheet we have included everything we have spent in Europe under the following headings:


Food and Drink– additional to basic weekly shop, e.g. coffees, water, snacks


Accommodation- campsites and hotels

Sight seeing-includes entry tickets and travel to tourist sights, e.g train fare

Miscellaneous– all sundry items besides food and drink, e.g internet, washing, replacement lamp

Tolls-includes travel expenses like ferry crossings etc

Car– includes all spare parts and garage costs

  1. Carter Langley says:

    Thanks guys!
    This is really going to be interesting to see how things total up after a trip like this! How about putting in a column that deals with vehicle breakdown and servicing expenses while on the trip? That will give us poor plebs a good idea of how many years to save up for!!

    Good luck for the rest of your trip and please keep us all posted on how things are going.

  2. James-Sahara-2012 says:

    Ok i am also truely sad as i love this section, keep updating it please. Its a bit shocking how much it costs though. Still you will only do it once!

  3. andrej says:

    Hey guys we met you in Luang namtha, do you remeber how much it cost to get your car across the mekong form Chiang kong to Laos (Huay xai)???

    Hope you are still having a great trip.


  4. jen says:

    Hi Simon,

    What a great trip. If you have time could you email me the shipping company/contact details for Bangkok to Fremantle? We’re doing a similar route as you’ve done.

    Thanks -Jen

  5. Dan says:


    Great trip and site.

    One piece of info missing, what was you total mileage?

    I am interested because I am compiling a cost / mile for overland trips.


  6. Nino & Kerry Ferrari says:

    Hi guys, found your site browsing for overland trips as considering doing one in a few years time. Your blogs have had us in stitches and were very entertaining. We’d buy the book for sure! You’ve also inspired us to think more seriously about taking the leap and trusting that the Defender will make it. Well done and thanks for all the info. Great site.

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