Readers’ Drives (Overland Trucks)

When I was looking to create my truck I found very few pictures and information about other overland Land Rovers. If you have one I would like to incude it in this page so others can get ideas send me a picture. I’ll even include pictures of lesser manufacturers, to show you all what a great guy I am!

For more check out Overlandy on Facebook 

One of hundreds of Ozzy Troopies

Proof you don’t need as shinny truck to get around the world, saw this in Iran!

Tom’s Range Rover camper project…looking forward to the finished result!

A few trailers seen in Carins

A couple of really nice Land Rovers from (I really like this Range Rover and think it my next project will pretty much be a carbon copy, don’t tell Megan!)

Nice little Hilux

How does this not fall over when driving around bends?

David’s work in progress.

David’s nice Land Rover collection.

Simon’s old skool BMW

Items from Perth Camping Show

Ian’s 10 year project

Nice 90 seen in Fremantle

One of the better Chinese Land Cursers seen in Lao PDR

Bob’s Yamaha

Wilm and Sylvi’s 4×4 Merc

A mint FJ from Laos

Some of the better looking Landy’s in the Cameron HIghlands, The Series 3 only had 40,000 odd miles on the clock!

My next project, to convert this 6×6 into a camper!?!

A couple of Land Rovers from the Black Hawk Garage in KL

4×4’s Malaysian style

Some pretty sweet rides from Dubai


Douglass motors new arrival, think I need bigger wheels.

Dave’s 110 and Overland Mercedes (

Tom’s Rather bright Ivceo (

Luis and Bego’s Spanish Landcruiser

Joorst and Rene’s awesome 130.

Paul’s 110 in the Arctic

Guy’s cool Discovery

Proper overland truck seen in Goreme

Nice VW I spotted in Turkey

Justin’s 130 from Oz (I have massive spotlight envy)

Michiel’s nice 110 in the french Alps

  1. Joost Hansum says:

    Hi Megan and Simon! We made it back home, without any serious damage. I promised you the addresses of the best LR dealers of the Netherlands. They have a website ( and can send and order any part you like. Tel:+31703502155, email: If you have any problems of getting things ordered, please let me know. I can give them a call as well and you can use my name as well as contact.
    One other guy I do business with is 4×4 Verbeek. Tel: +31575513949 or +3165182014. His name is Sander Verbeek and he is very good. He gives me often advice by telephone when I have some problems. He can ship and order parts as well. He does all the maintenance at our LR. And our LR brought us back safely!
    We enjoyed your company very much and had a lovely evening in the kitchen! Hope you have a save journey.

    KR. Joost and Renee

  2. Robert says:

    hey there,

    feel abit strange emailing you, but i love your car it is “SICK” next to mine in the A2B garage.. i admire it alot.

    My Defender is also a 130, blue and is getting the engine and gear box replaced at present.

    i have traveled a lot in also, and know that money can be tight sometimes.. but if you need a place to crash while you car is being repaired i have a 2 bedroom apartment you can use free of charge as i stay with burd… ( misses)

    I hope my defender 130 shall be ready this weekend and i’m planning at present to head up to mussadam / Oman to give it a test drive.

    i’ve spent 9 month in South East Asia Back packing and i have inculded a list of places i would not miss


    chang Mai
    Autuytha ( old capital of Thailand)
    Kho Lanta
    Krabi ( Rock climbing on the beach is amazing


    Cameron Highland staunning and is a landrover heaven, i dont think there is anyother car there:-))

    Tham Nagara Rainforest ( try the canopy tree walking )

    Penang ( has the best temple in all of South East Asia i cant remember the name but is shaped like a pineapple)

    perenthian Island ( great diving and snokerling )

    Melaka also is a nice colonal town

    anyway love your website and safe travels…

    Rob & Jeannette

  3. Justin says:

    Great section there of some classic land rovers ( and a few others )

    Are you coming over to Queensland?????

    I need to get some advice of you for our Asia land rover trip next year., maybe a very big email when you get some down time…..

    talk soon, watch out for the Roo’s ( get some of those big lightforce lamps and you will be well away )

  4. Marek says:

    Hi, thanks for this blog, so much useful info. I am planning a trip that would include Europe, South America and possibly Africa (but that is yet to be decided). We are deciding for the right vehicle at the moment. We would prefer a van which we could modify to sleep in (no roof tent necessary). Plus I would love to have an AC which unfortunately collides with the idea to pick the most simple vehicle.

    Based on what you have seen during your trip, would you recommend any concrete van manufacturer/model that would be suitable for this job?

    • simon maple says:

      Hi Marek

      Thanks for the interest in my bLog! good luck with your trip. As for vans I have been looking at Mercedes 4×4 sprinters and they seem big enough quite capable off road and you can get spares all over the world. The old models seem more reliable than the new ones. always have a few for sale. Also have a look at ex-tec ( and nene overland ( who do conversions to land rovers so you can sleep in the back and so don’t need a roof tent. We met a couple who did a trip in a ford transit but had difficulty finding spares so I would avoid them.

      Good luck! Let me know what you choose and your website!

      • Marek says:

        Hi, me again, would you happen to remember who these guys with the Transit were? I’d like to get in touch with them.

  5. Marek says:

    Thank you, Simon, much appreciated!

  6. Tom McGuigan says:

    Hi S&M … I know that feeling of finishing (or rather NOT finishing) a blog or an article all too well. You get back and it’s like a mental block, the last thing you want to do when you’ve slipped back into your day to day lives is to remind yourself of all those wonderful experiences on the road; it’s a horrible felling!!!

    However, now you are back in the grove, albeit with itchy feet already, do you fancy recounting your epic journey all over again at my ADVENTURE OVERLAND show? If you recall it’s being held 6th – 7th October 2012 at Whilton Mill Karting Centre, Whilton Locks, nr. Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 2NH – so ‘just up the road’ from you. Here, with or without the Landy (unlikely I realise, but if you still have it, it would be the ideal place to sell it) I am officially inviting yourself & Megan to attend ADVENTURE OVERLAND with a couple of photo boards/maps to recount to the great British public your tales of ‘daring do’ … the places you visited, the weird foods you ate (a lot weirder than tuna pasta hopefully), problems along the way with the roads/Harriet/border crossings/police patrols/the friends you made along the way/etc. etc. etc.

    If interested, email me at and I can sort out the passes, would love to have you there.

    Last but not least, don’t forget you can stay in touch via the “4×4 Overland Travel” forum. Launched Christmas Day 2010 (where exactly were you then I wonder?) it has really grown while you were away.

    Enough to digest for now, please let me know about ADVENTURE OVERLAND as soon as possible for the clock’s ticking and the showground’s already getting near to capacity, so need to know if you’ll be there or not. Ta!

    Tom Mc

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