Posted: August 6, 2010 in a.Preparation

Thanks to my brother’s friend John Wool and his company ‘Mr Sticker’, (quaility name by the way), we now have a sticker to put on the side of the truck. I’m very impressed and it almost gives the impression that we have some idea of what we are doing. (We don’t.)

With a little over a week to go things are getting a little frantic.

Outstanding items:

1. Carnet not yet received from RAC

2. Still trying to source a water filter for the drinking water supply

3. Rear brakes on the Land Rover to fix as they have just started leaking, brilliant

4. No travel insurance

5. No car insurance

6. Still waiting to hear the price of shipping the truck from Iran to India

7. International driving license

8. A number of Lonely Planet guides still outstanding.

Hopefully by Wednesday of next week we will have a big tick next to 90% of the above items. If not, Megan and I might not be talking to one another, as apparently I should have done most of these things months ago, but that wouldn’t be the Maple way. Last minute panic, that’s the way I like it.

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